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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chelsea vs Wigan

Ok so my first post of the 2012/2013 Campaign. What a way to start it off! I don't know about anyone else, but I was very happy to find out that the red card against Ivanovic in the Community Shield loss to Man City didn't really count because that game is considered a friendly! It made it better when within the first minute, after a beautiful pass by Hazard after a wonderful turn with the ball, he put it right past Al Habsi to start off the game. It was a perfect way to start the game. I will comment on Hazard in a moment, but first about Lampard's goal. I had no doubt the moment he stepped up to the spot that he was going to score. Not only was he shooting against Wigan, but come on Lamps is Lamps and it is a rare occasion when he misses a PK. Both goals were awesome and they both had at least one thing in common...Hazard.

Out of all of our new signings, I honestly didn't put him at the top of my list of most likely to do well. I had Marin being on top form this season and being the new stand out. After pretty good performances in our summer tour I picked him. That was until today really. I had heard great things about Hazard but I like to be a little skeptical of new signings, because when you get your hopes up, sometimes they don't work out. Now I know who to look out for. First with Ivanovic's goal. He was so aware when he got the ball which helped him spin past the on coming defender. It was an amazing turn that left him with a great deal of space to do something. He could have either passed to Ivanovic or Torres. While Torres is back on form, with where the two were standing I think Ivanovic was the clear choice, and he turned out to be. It was a beautiful pass that turned into a beautiful goal. Then came the PK. Obviously I haven't seen him play much, but he could have tried to act more injured in the trip in the box than he did and I commend him for that. While there is playing things up a little to get a call, there is also over doing it. I have played soccer for 15 years and I have yet to enjoy over acting. Hazard got right back up and that shows that he is there to play the game not the refs.

I was hoping Torres would get a goal and almost had one in the second half, but it just wasn't meant to be apparently. For a first game into a new campaign after winning the Champions League three months ago, I think we showed that while it may not have been our biggest win, it was a win none the less and it is what we plan on doing this season...Winning. Great way to start off the season!!!!

Care Free Wherever We May Be Cause We Are The Famous CFC!!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chelsea vs. Paris Saint Germain

What is there to say. As an avid CFC fan I really wanted Chelsea to not only beat the team we were playing just for the heck of winning, but I really wanted a win over Carlo Ancelotti. It would have been great, but it wasn't the best game I have watched. No team had great chances, and so it was a little boring.

Let's get down to it though, Piazon's goal was a beauty. While Paris Saint Germain's goal as really luck the late goal for Chelsea was amazing. I respect the fact that he passed it off first before going for goal. With him being the best player for the youth team, he could look for goal at all times really, but being put with many of the first team players he had to really be respectful in regards to who he was playing with. He was unselfish and ended up scoring a great goal.

New signings. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I can now talk about the new signings. Right now I am only going to talk about Marin. He had a great opener for Chelsea against the Sounders. He played well and I thought he would easily break into the opening line up quickly...until the PSG game. I thought he held onto the ball too long and was trying too hard to stand out and in the process lost the ball and opportunities for other players to stand out and even score. I think he could be a great addition for the team, but he needs to learn to pass more and stop being so self dependent. I hope he gets over it and maybe it was just me seeing things or just this game, but if it isn't there is something Robbie Di Matteo needs to work on with him.

So what are your thoughts on the game, new signings, and CFC in general????? Comment and let me know!!!

Care free wherever we may be cause we are the famous CFC!!

Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

European Champions at last!!

CHAMPIONS!!! What deja vu! This time it was a better result though! The first Chelsea game I ever watched was the CL final match vs. Man United. Now it has come full circle and we won it in spectacular fashion. Munich dominated the game no question, but we held in there until the 83rd minute. My heart dropped with that goal, but after they pulled Muller off something sparked within the boys. With a wonderful 88th minute goal from Drogba, I knew we had a chance.

Petr Cech's PK save vs. Robben was amazing! Without that I think we would have lost. It was a great boost for everyone on the field, and we kept fighting. When it went to PK's I had flashbacks of the last final and so I literally sat on the floor in my living room rocking back and forth nervously.

When Mata's shot was saved I got really really really really worried. But beautiful shots by Luiz, Lampard, and Cole kept us in it, and then yet another wonderful save on shot #4 by Cech was the turning point. We had the momentum after that, and Schweinsteiger hitting the post made me scream. My baby cousin who is about 8 months old was in the room and got scared by my scream and started crying, and I felt bad, but I was really excited.

There has been much speculation that this was to be Didier Drogba's final game in blue, and if that is true he ended on such a great note. Scoring both the tying goal in regular time and the final penalty made his possible end to his Chelsea career one for the books.

This game is a game that will never be forgotten by Chelsea fans the world over. I will end this post with a quote from Lampard. He did an interview after the game and at the end of the interview he asked if he could say something to his daughters who were back home in London. He looked at the camera and said, "I told you Chelsea were the best in the world and tonight we are!"

Care free WHEREVER we may be cause we are the famous CFC!!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

FA Cup final vs. Liverpool

Fantastically stressful game!! The first half was great and other than one or two shots by Liverpool, Ramires made it a very comfortable half! It was a wonderful goal that showed his speed and talent. The second half on the other hand, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Drogba's goal was lovely and expected. He has scored so many goals at Wembley, it is his home away from home. The two goal lead was great until Carroll who came on as a sub was at the right place at the right time and his goal was nice, even though I was not happy for it. Then all I have to say is Petr Cech I LOVE YOU! That save and clearance saved us. Cech got there just in time and Ivanovic cleared it perfectly. When they called for a 5 minute extra time I wanted to scream. The last 5 minutes of regular time were stressful enough, but having 5 extra minutes was not something that we needed. Then of course it went over those extra 5 but we did a great job of controlling the ball. When the whistle blew I think everyone probably took a big sigh of relief.

It was a great game to watch and it was a great way to win. It was awesome having Di Matteo winning the cup both as a player and a manager for Chelsea. The first of two finals is over with, and the big one is up next.

In two weeks time we play Munich in Munich which will make it a very difficult game, but it should be one that is exciting and we hope to come out with a win. It is the one trophy that we have never won, and it is our time. It was a great day for Chelsea, but now we need to look forward to May 19th!!

Care free wherever we may be cause we are the famous CFC!!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chelsea vs. QPR 6-1

Wow! What a great day for Chelsea, and Fernando Torres especially! The scoring started within the first minute with a beauty from Sturridge that was a well taken shot. The second coming from none other than our captain JT! A wonderful header off of a corner that pretty much sealed the win for us, but that didn't mean we were done. The next three goals made it a great game for Fernando Torres who had three amazing goals that gave him his 4th hat trick in all his time in the premiership, but most importantly his first for Chelsea! It was a great way to play and he has really started to show his ability towards the end of the season. It may be a little late for some things such as the top of the premier league which we all know we won't get, but he is playing amazingly as we come up on the FA cup final and the all important final in Munich on May 19th for the Champions League. It was him who sent us to the final and he is showing that he deserves a starting spot in Chelsea, and while it may have taken 18 months, it is well worth the wait as he is on top form once again.
Our final goal of the day came from Malouda who trapped the ball nicely at about six yards out and it was well placed passed the defender in front of him. It ended the scoring for Chelsea, and was a perfect way to end the game. QPR scored one late that was a really nice shot because our defending didn't pick up the player, but at that point in the game there was nothing QPR could do to come back.
Cech along with all fans wanted a clean sheet, but a 6-1 win isn't anything to complain about. We have who I believe to be the best keeper in the Premier League and one of the best in the World on our side and he has kept us in many games, and one goal today does not change that. It was a great game by all and it is just the boost of motivation that we need to end this season on a high! Great job by all who played and while the end of the season is near, it is looking to be an exciting one for Chelsea Football Club!

Care free wherever we may be cause we are the famous CFC!!!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chelsea vs Barcelona 2-2 (3-2 AGG)

OH MY GOD!!!! What a game! After we went down 2-0, losing Terry and Cahill, I honestly thought we were done, but man was I wrong! Ramires's goal right before half gave us some momentum, but Barcelona came out fighting. They wanted that game as much as we did, but there is no stopping the great CFC. After many attempts from Barcelona going off the post I was getting more and more nervous. Then in EXTRA time. Fernando Torres did what he is paid to do. It was a great clearance by Cole and a GREAT run by Torres. The juke around the goalie was fantastic and he put it in the back of the net!!! Whoever doubted Torres up until this point should change their minds. I was a little upset he wasn't scoring, but I never doubted that he would do what he needed to do, and today he did. It was a magnificent goal and it sends us to Munich!!!! 

I am upset that Terry won't be in the final, but honestly he deserved the card. No matter what you say, when you look at the replay he intentionally kneed the guy. I just don't know why he did. Even without him though I have every faith in the world that we can come out of the final victorious. This is our time to shine in the UCL and we are going to prove it against whoever wins the other semi. 

Personally I want to be against Madrid. While it won't be an easy game, it would be against the Great One and that is a great way to win it. (no pun intended) So keep cheering for Chelsea and...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chelsea vs Arsenal

So this is a little late sorry. I am not actually disappointed with the Arsenal game. Of course I wanted us to come out with three points, but there is only so much you can do. I didn't know if we would be able to escape with a clean sheet so a tie and a point is an ok turnout. We had 8 changes to the starting line up which definitely didn't help with knowing how to play perfectly. We have such a big game on tuesday that in some ways I think it was ok not to try as hard as possible and put our best players out there. We need to win or tie on tuesday so that is what we need to focus on right now. Cech played really well against Arsenal which helped keep it a clean sheet.

So let's go Chelsea! Get a win on tuesday and send us to the Champions league final!!!

Care free wherever we may be cause we are the famous CFC!!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chelsea vs Barcelona! (1-0 First Leg)

WAY TO GO!!!! That was such an exciting game! I was sitting in my dorm room watching with my friend and we were both on the edges of our seats. She is a Barcelona supporter while I am obviously a Chelsea supporter!!! From the early hit off the cross bar by Barcelona to the final second post hit I was freaking out. The goal was a beauty! I expected Ramires to shoot himself, but he had a perfect pass to Drogba who in normal fashion put it in the back of the net!!!! It was amazing!!!!

Going into this game I knew it would be most defensive for us. Barcelona is such a strong team and if we weren't careful they could score more than any of us wanted. We came out just as we needed to though and defended brilliantly! The goal came at a great time and we played a great second half of making sure they didn't get too many good shots off.

I play soccer in college and I am a other words I LOVE Petr Cech! He was the deciding factor in this game if you ask me. He made crucial saves that kept us in the lead and without him I think it would have been a totally different result.

We still have to go to Barcelona for the second leg, but if we play like we played today I have no doubt we will be in the final!!!! This was such an exciting game to watch and I can't wait for the next game against Barcelona!

Care free wherever we may be cause we are the famous CFC!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chelsea vs. Tottenham

What a way to win a game. Not only did we win in the semi-final of the FA Cup...we CRUSHED!! It was spectacular! Starting with Drogba's opening goal right before the end of the half! He played amazing today and he showed many fans including myself why we keep him on the field. I would have liked to see Torres play more than 10 minutes today...but Drogba did great up top and earned that starting position today. While Mata's goal (or Terry depending on who you think touched it last...) was very controversial the ref's counted it which is all that matters. Even when Bale scored for Tottenham, I knew we were ok and Ramires's goal confirmed the win. It was just perfect for Lampard to score such a great free kick and Malouda's goal was beautiful. It was a great pass and great skill on Malouda's part getting it passed Cudicini! This is a great confidence booster going into wednesday's game in which we all know it is not going to be easy. No matter what happens on wednesday though we are into the final in the FA Cup and a few weeks ago with AVB in charge, I didn't think it would be possible.
I have to talk about Di Matteo for a minute. While he came in as someone to just fill the open spot until we found a full time replacement, he has shown that he deserves that spot. He brings confidence to the team and with experience playing for Chelsea I think the boy's respect him more than they did with AVB.  He had a great career as a player for us and now I think he deserves the opportunity to be a great manager for us going into next year! We are ending the season in such great fashion under Di Matteo, and if we keep playing like we are now I think we can end up in the top 4 and have a place in the Champions League next year.

Care free wherever we may be, cause we are the famous CFC!!!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

CFC vs. Wigan

Nail biter...I was a little scared at the end of yesterday's game. I thought we were going to leave Stamford Bridge with a tie, which is exactly what we didn't need. I was pleasantly surprised when Mata got a great goal off an almost goal from Torres. Torres had a game in which he showed that he is not done improving. Considering how much he is payed, that is a good thing. So this game was just the next step on the way to 4th place and entry into the Champions league. I know 4th isn't where we want to end up, most fans want 1st, but considering the season we had I personally will be happy with a 4th place finish.

So Ivanovic has been having a great few weeks. Was he offside for that goal...yes. Do I care? No. Whatever the ref doesn't see that helps us is a good thing by me. Ivanovic is not my favorite player. Ok I have never really liked him, because I feel he is inconsistent, but over the last two weeks he has been proving me wrong. I will be very pleased to see him keep on this track. If he does I feel like I can gain a little faith in him.

Next up is Fulham...I think we can win this game...our only problem may be if JT and Lamps are still gonna be out, because right now Dempsey is playing really well, and we need people on the field to take charge in a positive way and beat Fulham. It should be a good game and I can't wait to see it!

Care free wherever we may be, cause we are the famous CFC!

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!!